Day #6 of 30 Days prompting ChatGPT

How about writing a melody?


Write a bluegrass style melody in the key of G


Sure! Here’s a bluegrass-style melody in the key of G:

embedded lua tablature bluegrass melody in key of G Major

This is a simple four-bar melody that alternates between the G and C chords and the G and D chords, common chord progressions in bluegrass music. The melody uses the G major scale (G A B C D E F#), and includes some classic bluegrass techniques like slides and hammer-ons.


ChatGPT output a short melody using embedded lua code, which is an elegant and unexpected solution to the problem of denoting a melody in text. The melody is pleasing and I’d love to hear someone play it on a bluegrass instrument (guitar, banjor, fiddle, bass) or maybe a non-traditional interpretation of your choosing. Unfortunately, the melody doesn’t change with the chord changes so it’s going to sound unexciting without background harmony and even then it will get old fast.