Day #12 of 30 Days prompting ChatGPT

Does ChatGPT have an idea when sentience begins?

After a short hiatus, we’re back at prompting ChatGPT for our 30 Days of prompting ChatGPT series.


How do you define when an artificial intelligence can be considered sentient?


The concept of sentience is often associated with the capacity for subjective experience, consciousness, and self-awareness. While some experts argue that it is not possible for machines to be truly sentient, others propose that it may be possible in the future as AI technology advances.

However, as an AI language model, I am not capable of determining whether an AI can be considered sentient or not. The definition and criteria for sentience are still under debate among philosophers and scientists, and there is currently no widely accepted definition for the term. Additionally, determining sentience may require a more sophisticated understanding of consciousness and self-awareness than current AI technology can provide.


ChatGPT is everyone’s favorite diplomat. It knows what it knows, and knows what it doesn’t.  I suppose that’s a lot more self-awareness than some humans, so perhaps you can argue it’s more sentient than some of us.  Closer to the truth, it just pulls in information for generic non-answers couched in well-structured language.