Day #4 of 30 Days prompting ChatGPT

Can ChatGPT write music? Second attempt


Today’s prompt from a good friend, Matt Mohler, who’s a student-favorite physics and math teacher:

What is a good passing chord between Ebm and F7 and why?


A good passing chord between Ebm and F7 would be Bbm7b5 (B flat minor 7 flat 5).

The Bbm7b5 chord shares two common tones with both Ebm and F7, which are the D and Ab notes. This creates a smooth and natural transition between the two chords.

Additionally, the Bbm7b5 chord acts as a iiø7 (minor seventh flat five) chord in the key of Ab major, which is the relative major of F minor. Using a chord from the relative major key can create a sense of harmonic coherence and connection in the progression.


ChatGPT knows music theory! It selected a great-sounding chord and provided a clear rationale for why it fits.  Now, if it could only generate sounds to match the chord composition — Is someone working on that as a MIDI integration for our next generation of musical artists?