What Makes Observability a Priority

And why pricing and billing can be a barrier to achieving it

What Makes Observability A PriorityThis white paper provides in-depth research about what makes observability a priority. It reviews how digital transformation is driving observability as organizations continue to shift workloads to multi- and hybrid-cloud environments and adopt open-source and cloud-native technologies, including containers, microservices, and serverless.

Organizations are managing a more diverse array of infrastructure than ever, which increases security, risk, and compliance concerns and affects service-level metrics. Monitoring and observability help address these concerns. However, monitoring is fragmented and significant data is unmonitored. Even so, as cloud, cloud-native, and open-source adoption, usage, and spending continue to increase, so do observability deployment and budget plans. Unfortunately, pricing and billing can be a barrier to achieving observability.

This white paper recommends that organizations understand the pricing and billing options used by observability vendors so that they can select the best solution and overcome any cost barrier to achieving full-stack, end-to-end observability.

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